Full-time MBA

Komal Shah

Komal Shah
Class of 2017
United Kingdom

I come from India and worked in external auditing as a chartered accountant for approximately four and a half years before the MBA. I wanted to move into a more risk based role and here is my HKU journey.

The HKU MBA is a unique programme in partnership with the top-tier schools- London Business School, Columbia Business School, and Fudan Business School. The uniqueness comes from the ability to study at two very different top-tier global b-schools which helps you learn about two very different sides of the world; east and west and developed and developing.

During the 1 year programme, I learned a lot, inside and outside the classroom. The small class size helped me create a strong bond with peers from diverse work and personal backgrounds and cultures from around the world, who brought  different viewpoints to class. I may forget some of the theory in the coming years, but the exposure to new concepts, ways of approaching challenges, ideas for innovation, and agility will stay with me as great lessons for years to come. The class in Business Lab gave me an understanding of the end to end running of a business.

The curriculum was well organised, with a case-based approach, simulations, and lectures based on practical examples. We had regular talks from industry leaders and various career development sessions to help us on our career path, during and after our MBA. Additionally, we were put on a mentorship programme where each student is given a mentor from the industry he or she wants to go into. The Career Services team was really helpful in identifying the right mentor and I am still in touch with mine. All of this, coupled with my wonderful experience at London Business School, contributed tremendously to my overall learning.

I wanted to give a try to getting a job in London, which most people said was next to impossible because your visa needs work sponsorship. I gave it my best shot, interviewed at a few places, and was fortunate to get an offer to work in the agile internal audit team at a UK listed company, RSA Insurance Group Plc. As a part of the group audit team, I will be able to interact with most teams in the organisation across the country which will help me develop knowledge of the business and the industry.

The end of the MBA was like the closing of a chapter in a book, one which helped me open an interesting new chapter in a different role to my previous job and in a different country.  It is important to remember to make the most of your MBA experience and take out of it all that you want.

It has really been a “life changing” journey, helping me evolve into a holistic individual and make some great friends and connections across the world.  I wholeheartedly thank the MBA Office, the Career Services team and the whole MBA fraternity for planning such an amazing programme, and the whole MBA fraternity for helping me in every step throughout the journey.

Industry: Consulting
Company: Ernst & Young
Job Title: Senior Consultant