Part-time MBA

Kenji Yamamoto

Kenji Yamamoto
Class of 2016

I have been with the one of the biggest insurance groups for more than 15 years and been assigned  to the  management of the Hong Kong subsidiary since 2013. Before I came to Hong Kong, I worked for the marketing division and HR department in Japan. When I was assigned to our Hong Kong company, I felt that I would have to stretch my knowledge, my way of thinking and my management perspective rather than just the insurance perspective. At this time,  our group was going beyond the insurance company role, and trying to provide quality services related to human life, health, security and welfare, inside and outside of Japan. The company has diversified its product and services range and is also focussing more on overseas business by setting up entities and M&A.  In order to meet these internal and external environmental changes in my life and work, I decided to study in HKU MBA.

Honestly speaking, it was really tough for business men and women like me to pursue a Part-time MBA. However, the courses were quite flexible and the classes were interactive which helped me and encouraged me to participate in discussions.  It was not only the contents of the classes which stimulated me. I also really enjoyed meeting other classmates, with their different  nationalities and backgrounds. I am confident to say that my study experience in HKU MBA and my classmates are a treasure for my life and career.

Industry: Insurance
Company: Sompo International
Job Title: Manager, office of the Chairman and CEO