Full time MBA

Jansen Ivan Uy

Jansen Ivan Uy
Class of 2019

With my fascination for technology and people, I decided to go into sales. Having spent most of my four years in Samsung Electronics, I immersed myself in account, project, and events management. These encounters allowed me to grasp a deeper understanding of the supplier’s side of the consumer electronics industry. My end goal was to flip the page and join the other side – the dealer’s side of the industry. I knew that an MBA in HKU was the right bookmark.

Both the city and programme attract a deep sense of internationalism. But what convinced me to pursue an MBA in HKU is the unique value and experience of Beijing, Hong Kong, and New York within 14 months, a great mix between Western and Eastern cultures with a clear focus on Asian business. Apart from collaborating with a culturally diverse group of people from different industries, HKU MBA programme allowed me to explore best practices within top corporations and served as a venue for a fruitful exchange of ideas amongst great minds.

I had a firm belief that an MBA would play a role in expediting my career from managing products, projects, and events, to leading people, and the experience paid its dues. Now, as the Deputy General Manager of Savers Appliances, a consumer electronics chain in the Philippines with 38 stores nationwide, I have learned that the entrepreneurial spirit I fostered during my studies has cemented a definitive role, even within interactions in a retail corporation.

Industry: Electronic
Company: Savers Appliances
Job Title: Deputy General Manager