Full time MBA

Isabel He

Isabel He
Class of 2017
Hong Kong

I first came to HK in early 2016. Unlike most Chinese here, I came from outside China. Back then, I had been living and working overseas for nearly 10 years. I had been far from home for such a long time and I really wanted to come back. Moreover, I wanted to seize the tremendous opportunities in business that were going along with the growth of China’s economy. But my problem was lack of work experience in China, and my degrees were not strong enough to help me land a competitive position I wanted. Therefore I joined the MBA programme almost immediately. As well as considering its other merits, my main thought was that it could be a perfect transition for me to achieve my goal.

Experiencing the programme feels like entering a kaleidoscope. A door opens and shows you a lot of opportunities to strive for. The good part of it is that it opens up your mind and releases you possibilities for you, while the drawback can be that it is easy to get lost. My advice regarding the programme, especially for the candidates who are expecting a career change as I did, is to make good use of the first year, figure out your goal and strengths, get to know more people, and collect as much related information you can.

I really appreciate the great help from the teams of MBA Admin and Career Development and Training; they have been my greatest support. The Admin team was very kind and helpful, especially helping me sort out the visa and curriculum issues of the CBS term exchange. CDT not only referred many career opportunities efficiently, but also acted as a great consultant, comforted me during hard times and shared valuable advice. The mentorship programme is another highlight, as I met a noble, sincere and kind mentor who deserves my life-long respect and, without CDT, I would hardly have had the opportunity to know him. Great people make great business. This most reliable team was my effective success accelerator.

Industry: Investment Banking
Company: CICC
Job Title: Investment Consultant, Wealth Management