Full-time MBA

Euphoni Kalee Wong

Euphoni Kalee Wong
Class of 2021
Hong Kong

Being viewed as a well-rounded person has always been important to me – from pure science in high school to pure arts in undergrad and now business for my master’s degree, I feel humbly accomplished with this new year surprise from the HKU MBA Programme.

Midway through my first year of study, I made the bold decision to leave the stability of my comfort zone to branch out into a new industry with a vastly different working style. With a hectic schedule balancing work and study, friends have often advised me to choose an easier path. But I have pushed on. I was determined to choose courses that I am interested in, such as M&A, Business Intelligence & Big Data, regardless of the workload. And I have no regrets.

Looking back on my time at HKU Business School, I am pleased that I stayed true to myself and my reasons for studying for an MBA. Despite my struggles, I always tried to make the best out of every situation and experience. A person is defined by the decisions they make, and I will never take the easy option in life, so long as I can see value in perseverance.

I treasure every insightful session that was delivered by p rofessors and guest speakers as much as the fruitful discussions I had with bright classmates from across all industries. I feel fulfilled and beyond grateful to have had this experience and can’t wait to continue working hard at whatever comes next.