Full time MBA

Erick Pan

Erick Pan
Class of 2013
Hong Kong

Studying full time in HKU MBA is one of my best memories and was a life changing experience. This programme has helped me tremendously in terms of expanding business horizons, upgrading academic and professional competencies and most importantly, meeting professors, professionals, industry leaders and true friends. Before getting enrolled in the programme, I was in the debt market function within the banking industry in Shanghai. This 14 month programme has helped me locate a full time position in Hong Kong – the most dynamic and exciting financial centre in Asia.

Now and every time I look back, I feel very grateful that I made the decision to come to HKU MBA. The well-designed academic modules and various types of networking and career events, on a full time basis, forced us to stop and to think about where we were, where we wanted to go and how to get there. Basically I got all the support I needed during my study period here.

For me, I wish time could flash back to the summer of 2012 and I could experience all of these things again. I would recommend this programme to every friend who wants to start an MBA experience.

Industry: Financial Services
Company: Deutsche Bank
Job Title: Director, Head of Loan Syndication North Asia