Full-time MBA

Eiji Soma

Eiji Soma
Class of 2017

My reasons for choosing the HKU MBA programme were twofold. Firstly, the nature of the curriculum was appealing to me as the main focus is on Asia, which is where my business is located, and I wanted to build my professional knowledge of the APAC region. Secondly, HKU Business School offers the opportunity to study abroad, something which other business schools do not offer, and I was interested in doing this. In the end, I chose London Business School for the exchange programme and it was a completely different – but equally as educational – experience to studying in Hong Kong.

My overall experience of the HKU MBA was fantastic. The people in the school were so nice; not just the faculty, Career Services team, and mentors, but my classmates. They were not competitive, as I had expected, but more cooperative. I learned a lot from them and I still keep in touch with them now – some of whom I would certainly say will be lifelong friends. I also appreciate all the work the Career Services team did for me and my career development – I am forever grateful to them.

I believe HKU equipped me the skills for my current role at Boston Consulting Group and gave opportunities to get there. Firstly, it hugely impacted my initial move to the company as the people I met during my school days helped me a lot to get prepared for the assessment for the company. And secondly, the logical thinking I acquired, along with all the case studies I studied at HKU, has been extremely helpful in my current field and role.

I would advise future MBA applicants to make time for self-reflection. The HKU MBA is only one year long and it passes by very quickly. You will learn a lot and I urge you to think cautiously about your career development during this time, and whether you are headed in the right direction. Secondly, don’t forget to try new things during your time at HKU. As a student, you are able to undertake internships and try new things otherwise not available to you. You can learn about a new industry, meet new people outside of the classroom, and learn new skills. Finally, enjoy your time on the MBA programme. You will miss it once it is over, just as I do.

Industry: Management Consulting
Company: Boston Consulting Group (BCG)
Job Title: Management Consultant