Full time MBA

Deep Vanarasi

Deep Vanarasi
Class of 2016
Hong Kong

Doing an MBA was one of the most important decisions that I have taken in my life and I am happy that I chose HKU to pursue this dream. I came into the MBA with no very clear goal in terms of what I wanted to do after it. I was looking to explore different industries and different job functions before deciding to settle down somewhere. HKU MBA enabled me to do that by providing a platform to interact with professionals from all industries imaginable. This also gave me a chance to analyse where I can best utilize my skills and talents.

After I realized that I wanted to work in consulting, the Career Services provided me with the opportunity to gain experience through real-life industry projects as well as providing the right guidance through the mentorship programme. This experience was enhanced by the fact that we studied in three places – Beijing, London and Hong Kong. Such a diverse experience helped me understand business in different markets, gain a unique perspective on things as well as bring something new to the table.

The experience I gained in one year of my MBA culminated in me getting a job that I was excited about. I am working at Synergy Strategic Solutions Limited as a consultant helping clients in insurance industry improve their processes. I believe that the MBA journey that I undertook will help me and guide me through the future challenges awaiting me in my career. The world is changing at a rapid pace and will continue to do so in the future but the learning imbibed during the course of this MBA will keep me prepared to succeed in such scenarios.