Full-time MBA

David Kim

David Kim
Class of 2018
South Korea

Before joining HKU MBA, I was always questioning the direction of my career. While I was working for a Korean conglomerate, I needed new momentum and, most of all, I wanted to experience various cultures and make friends from different backgrounds. Also, I wanted to be a person who can develop strategy and make outcomes in front office rather than supports others in back office.

HKU MBA has definitely exceeded my expectations. Great faculty and classes reflecting the latest trends have constantly stimulated my intellectual curiosity. Through FinTech class, I realised that FinTech, using digital technology, will change the landscape of the financial industry. Also, I realised that this revolution would spread not only to the financial industry but also to industry as a whole.

Above all, my classmates were a great group of smart, intelligent and even humorous people from around the world, across a broad spectrum of backgrounds. They presented me with unforgettable and pleasant memories for life.

In particular, CDO (Career Development Office) provided numerous opportunities for internship interviews. This allowed me to have a part-time internship at a private equity fund in Hong Kong. Through internships, I learned how to create financial modeling, and I also had the opportunity to learn about new industries such as the aviation industry and SOC infrastructure.

I now have returned to Korea and work at a steel manufacturing company. As a member of the digital transformation strategic team, I participate in projects which make a smart factory.  It is undeniable that the driving force behind my career change was through the HKU MBA.

Industry: Manufacturing
Company: SeAh Holdings
Job title: Digital Transformation