Part Time MBA

Cristian Costoiu

Cristian Costoiu
Class of 2017

Prior to my MBA I started my career as a Management Trainee for a German retail company. They had a merchandise office in Hong Kong and I was given the opportunity to do an exchange there for around 5 months. After moving back to Germany I was given the opportunity to relocate to Hong Kong for two years. At this point I had already started looking at MBA programmes in Germany, so decided to look into Hong Kong, instead. After moving to Hong Kong, everything seemed to fall into place and HKU accepted me. I found enough time to study, work and explore Hong Kong. It’s a fast-paced city and easy to travel around, which meant I was able to make the most of my spare time. The reason I chose HKU over other universities in Hong Kong was because it is globally recognised, in a convenient location, had the option of the weekday mode and the curriculum was very good. I had a great experience from the very beginning, when speaking to the admissions team.

I graduated from the programme in 2017 and looking back on it now I can say it was one of the greatest periods of my life. I met many great people from all over the world and I’m still in touch with many of them. Work can sometimes be very repetitive and monotonous, the MBA programme at HKU really introduced fresh ideas and new concepts that were new and exciting for me. The school’s internationalism allowed us to take a holistic approach to learning. I expanded my network through the programme and I am still benefiting from the alumni connections today. HKU Business School has some amazing professors and the quality of teaching is extremely high. They’re experienced in their fields and contribute greatly to the overall learning experience.

I found the networking opportunities a very beneficial part of the programme, to get to know my cohorts. I enjoyed the annual dinners, Christmas party, etc., – things outside of the normal learning experience that allow you to bond with your classmates. When you find classmates you have synergies with, you tend to stick with them through your MBA journey and work together as a great team on various projects and assignments.

When I first considered the workload involved with an MBA I knew it would be challenging. The first few months were demanding, but after I found my rhythm it felt less strenuous and even became very enjoyable. After some time, it almost felt like a hobby to me because I enjoyed going to classes, meeting my classmates and learning new things. It does, however, depend on your attitude towards the programme. A proactive mindset will change your experience and your approach towards the work. Also having the opportunity to study at HKU was something that made me very proud and grateful. It’s also important to be organised and to optimise your time, for instance, use lunch time to read case studies and prepare for class in the evening. After all the part-time programme helps you to build resilience and prepares you for a challenging and demanding career.

I was very open with my company about wanting to pursue an MBA and they were extremely supportive. For future MBA aspirants I would suggest doing the same: be open with your employer about your schedule and progress. The main piece of advice I would like to leave you with is this: enjoy the journey. Don’t just push through it, but really relish your time at HKU. I miss the MBA programme and the people I met tremendously, so make sure you cherish every moment of it.

Industry: Management Consulting
Company: INVERTO, A BCG Company
Job Title: Senior Consultant