Part-time MBA

Carina Leung

Carina Leung
Class of 2016
Hong Kong

As a child growing up in Hong Kong, I never thought that I would go to college in Hawaii.  I never imagined that I would work for one of the most diversified and prestigious companies in Hong Kong and I certainly never expected that I would take a part-time MBA while working full time!

Managing both a day job and night classes is certainly not easy but I am enjoying every moment.  What I have learned in class not only complements my day-to-day work but it also keeps me genuinely interested and engaged.  I also very much enjoy working on group projects which provide me with the opportunity to delve into the philosophy of many successful leaders.  I feel very fortunate that not only do I find the professors inspiring but I find my classmates, who are from all walks of life, inspiring too.  I mustn’t forget to mention the dedicated faculty staffs who are very supportive.

Will a MBA degree help advance my career or boost my salary?  It really doesn’t matter!  I believe what I gain will be much more than what I have paid!

Industry: International Trade & Development
Company: John Swire & Sons (H.K.) Ltd.
Job Title: Compensation & benefit manager