Full time MBA

Cameron Miller

Cameron Miller
Class of 2016
Hong Kong

Before embarking on my journey in the HKU MBA programme, I had never once been to Asia, and my world as I knew it was limited to the small, metropolitan city in the US that I called “home.” My circle of friends had been the same since childhood, and my routine was fairly monotonous and unchanging, aside from occasional travel with my family. Fast forward 2 years…

I have had the opportunity to live in, explore, and study in Beijing, London and Hong Kong. I have enjoyed travel to Dubai, India, Singapore, Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, several countries in Europe, and several cities in China. I have developed a close group of friends, my HKU family, and have expanded my network to a truly global level. I have even had the luxury of attending an Indian wedding in New Delhi with a group of close classmates, to experience a traditional Punjabi wedding! Best of all – I managed to earn a prestigious MBA degree and land the job of my dreams in the process.

My MBA experience at HKU was undoubtedly one of the best experiences of my life, and the amount of personal, social, academic and psychological growth I achieved along the way will most likely go unparalleled. Though the programme is only for 14 months, I feel as if I have seen and accomplished a lifetime’s worth. The HKU MBA programme truly offers its candidates an amazing experience and opportunity in many regards, be it the international exposure, the prestigious image and network access, or simply the wonderful people you meet along the way.

I traveled to places I did not even know existed before I joined the programme. I met people from different parts of the world, different socioeconomic classes, different religious beliefs, who speak different languages. I learned more about Asian and European ways of business in two years than I could have done in a lifetime without this programme. Most importantly, I belong to a close group of people who went through the same experience I did, a group that I am proud and happy to call my MBA family.

The HKU MBA programme helped to expand my perspective in ways I never could have imagined, and taught me that I should not be afraid to chase my dreams. The pursuit of a dream is a never-ending one that lasts a lifetime, but the HKU MBA programme certainly inspired me and helped me to run down that road. I now work for one of my favorite companies –Under Armour—doing corporate strategy and business development in Asian markets. Not only did the programme lead me to a dream job at one of my favorite companies, but it prepared me with the knowledge, network and insight to thrive in such a new and exciting place. I am very optimistic about my future outlook, thanks to the HKU MBA.