Full time MBA

Badarinath Grandhe

Badarinath Grandhe
Class of 2016
Hong Kong

I am a globally cultivated operations professional with 5 years’ experience in Michelin Tires in 5 countries across the globe. Working as a quality engineer, I gained significant technical know-how along with the ability to adapt to a multitude of work cultures. However, I strongly felt that I had hit a ceiling in terms of learning and that I was limited to a particular area of the organisation where my skills were not being tested to the core. For an ambitious person like me, it was definitely the time move outwards as I wanted to get into roles that would enhance the impact I create and affect the organisation as a whole but wanted to pursue a career in operations so that I could leverage my previous experience. However, I lacked business knowledge or perspective, which I could gain in an MBA from a premium institute like HKU MBA.

The HKU MBA is one of the best programmes in the world, in partnership with the top-tier London Business School and Columbia Business School. The small class size of around 50 students helped me to create a strong bond with peers who are from diverse work backgrounds and 16 countries, bringing in varied points of view to the class, and to group projects. The curriculum is very well organised with a case based approach, real-time projects with companies, simulations, and a mentorship programme where we get to be mentored by leaders from the industries/functions we wish to get into and have regular talks from industry leaders. Finally, I secured two internships with the help of Career Services team (one during my MBA and the other post MBA). Without the help of the MBA Office, I would not have got into the prestigious “Leadership Development Programme” of GAP Global Supply Chain. Moreover, the Career Services team was really helpful in identifying the right mentor, improving my approach and my interview skills, especially for case cracking interviews that helped me secure the job in Gap and even reach the final round of the McKinsey recruitment process.

To conclude, it has been a “life changing” one-year journey, where I evolved into a holistic individual. I wholeheartedly thank and appreciate the MBA Office and the Career Services team for sketching such a wonderful programme and the whole MBA fraternity for helping me in every step throughout the journey. Lastly, it is not an exaggeration to say HKU MBA is the best decision I have made in life so far.