Full time MBA

Anurag Goyal

Anurag Goyal
Class of 2017
Hong Kong

Every learning experience is always enriching and so was the HKU MBA experience. Coming from a technology background, there were several aspects to work on: business courseware including presentations and projects, internship, skill development, targeting dream jobs and continuous networking. This process teaches you to list the requirements, prioritise them, give dedicated time, develop and manage relationships, and in this process become more aware of your candidature.

I too worked through the process which, along with HKU MBA course (plus Career Development and Training), gave me an opportunity to become an intern in the digital marketing industry which helped to improve my knowledge and also developed my network in the Hong Kong market. This further helped me to learn different roles in the marketing technology industry where I am placed today.

One lesson (and in turn, piece of advice) I take from the process is that you should keep working your candidature, keep your integrity, respect others and lastly, but very importantly, keep up with your chores.

Industry: Banking
Company: NatWest Markets
Job Title: Senior Associate