Full-time MBA

Anupriya Goswami

Anupriya Goswami
Class of 2017
Hong Kong

After 7 years of running my own architectural design startup and simultaneously managing a family business of pharmaceutical manufacturing, I decided to join the MBA programme to gain further knowledge and work for a large scale global business. I was sure that an MBA would help me achieve the transition but unsure of what it would truly entail. HKU MBA was an attractive option for me as it provided a one year programme with exposure to local and international businesses through partnership programmes with London Business School and Beijing Language and Culture University.

Popular opinion is that it is easy to change either your function or industry through an MBA but difficult to change both. After I joined the MBA programme, I realised that the challenge was bigger than I had expected. Given the short duration of the programme, I had to take charge of my development right away to successfully take advantage of the opportunities provided by the programme. All I had to do was ask.

Alumni helped create a roadmap for my MBA programme, mentors helped me become more self-aware, and workshops helped me gain better understanding of my career options after graduation. HKU MBA provided the platform and support for bringing my values to life when I became President of the Women in Leadership club. It was here that I found my close friends in my peer group.

Transitioning requires not just networking but also knowledge. Courses such as business labs and business data analytics provided me with holistic business knowledge. Discussions with industry professionals helped me identify and highlight my transferable skills. Joining Gap Inc.’s Leadership Development Programme was a proof of a successful transition, where I got the opportunity to make use of my experience in design and manufacturing. Recently, I was also invited to participate in the World MBA summit 2018 in Cape Town as one of the top 100 inspiring MBA students from across the world to exchange ideas on creating positive change in society through business.

I came to HKU MBA with the goal of learning more about scaling a business model and building an international network. The programme not only helped me learn but also helped me figure how to continue learning on my own after graduation. While a large part of success comes down to being in the right place at the right time, I am grateful to the HKU MBA programme for opening doors to those places.

Industry: Retail
Company: GAP Inc.
Job Title: Global Sourcing Strategy Manager, Leadership Development Program