Part-time MBA

Amy Hau

Amy Hau
Class of 2019
Hong Kong

I completed my Bachelor of Liberal Arts with a specialisation in accounting from York University, Canada. After working in Toronto for a few years I decided to move to Hong Kong to pursue my career. Having accounting knowledge as the foundation, I was able to fast track my career from an accountant to a corporate strategy analyst to a director level position. Not long after graduating from the MBA programme I joined a law firm in Hong Kong as their Head of Structured Finance, leading their global expansion.

Prior to this I was the Head of Operations and Chief Compliance Officer for a non-bank financial institution for 8 years. The job was very demanding, however, aside from bettering my technical expertise I felt like I was not intellectually challenged. That was when I knew I needed to break out of my comfort zone and equip myself for the next challenge. There and then I applied for the part-time MBA programme at HKU. To me, HKU was the only choice for all that it has to offer.

Classmates were from all walks of life and provided valuable input from different perspectives. In class discussions and debates were truly an eye-opening experience. My analytical and strategic thinking along with other leadership soft skills have definitely transformed throughout my MBA journey, enabling me to take these newly acquired skills and further advance my career. The HKU MBA programme offered a vast variety of electives, ranging from FinTech, AI, and Corporate Finance to Leadership and Interpersonal Dynamics in building teams. The International Field Trip allowed us to experience the work/life culture of different countries. I must say I especially enjoyed classes taught by industry experts, who shared the latest and most current trends and best practices in the workplace, both in the local and global environment. The skills learnt have definitely better prepared me to handle future challenges.

Industry: Financial Services
Company: Ogier Global
Job Title: Head of Structured Finance