Full time MBA

Alice Yoon

Alice Yoon
Class of 2014
Hong Kong

I am a managing consultant at Huawei Technologies in Hong Kong. After finishing the partnership programme in LBS, I returned to Hong Kong to seek future career opportunities. To be honest, I thought that landing a job in Hong Kong would be very difficult for an international applicant like me because my regional work experience was limited to South Korea. As soon as I arrived in Hong Kong, however, Career Development and Training provided a personalised consultation, encouraged me to pursue alumni networking, take online evisor lectures, and share my updates which, all together, helped me find my way on to my next career. Now, I realise that all these efforts, from the early CV workshop to Daniel Porot’s Career session in Career Development and Training events, are closely bound up with my successful career transition from product manager to consultant. I hope coming MBA students will enjoy this overall MBA experience for their own carrier opportunities to thrive.

Industry: Telecommunications
Company: Huawei
Job Title: Senior Managing Consultant