Full-time MBA

Akshay Rao

Akshay Rao
Class of 2017
Hong Kong

The MBA journey through Beijing, London and Hong Kong provided great exposure to the cultural intricacies of each location and how business is managed from each location. This global exposure definitely acts as a catalyst for one’s success professionally and so I tried to imbibe as much as I could through this opportunity.

The MBA office also assigned mentors and career coaches who were instrumental in guiding me through the programme.  The alumni were extremely responsive and always spared time to give advice or help.

I also had a chance to hear distinguished business leaders and management experts speak about their experiences and knowledge. This helped broaden my horizons by giving me understanding of how decision making and management are handled in real life business situations.

All these factors and experiences have helped me transform into being more confident and informed to take on future challenges.  To sum it up, the HKU MBA was instrumental in nurturing my skills and providing me with the right tools to start a career in Hong Kong.

Industry: Textiles
Company: Tom Tailor Group
Job Title: Project Manager – Sourcing