Yuta Shirahata
Yuta Shirahata
  • Could you give us a brief background of your life before the MBA?

I worked at a publishing company for six years, and at a consulting firm for a year and a half in Japan. At the publishing company I was involved in creating magazines and web-based media. I also contributed to the expansion of our business into new fields through the launch of video media, and by creating games with a game publishing company. With the consulting firm I was a management consultant and mainly worked on low-cost strategy and negotiation with my clients.

  • Why did you choose the HKU MBA?

I chose Hong Kong because it is both an international city and a major business hub within Asia. In turn, HKU is one of the most historical universities in the world and has so many impressive alumni. Students come from all over the world to study here, so it has a very international environment which allowed me to meet fellow students and alumni from a range of diverse backgrounds. HKU also provides us with lots of different practical opportunities to take part in outside of the classroom.

  • What are your expectations of getting an MBA?

I want to gain comprehensive management skills and international experience. Most of my career has been in the entertainment industry where the work has focused mainly on creativity. I learned how to create high quality content, but I felt I needed to learn more about management at the same time. My switch to being a management consultant taught me a lot, but I still felt that I needed to gain a broader skillset, which is why I joined the HKU MBA.

In addition, I have been finding that more and more Japanese companies are needing to enter foreign markets, especially in China and Southeast Asia. Through studying the HKU MBA, I want to gain experience and learn about the cultures of these areas.

  • How is your experience so far? Are there any specifics you would like to highlight?

Every course you take has a group project, which is very important to me. Group projects allow me the opportunity to learn how to cooperate within an international team to complete a task. I have also learned a lot from my group members, as we are all professionals from different industries – they have all inspired me. Overall, I am certain that my experiences in the MBA will help me to make great moves forward in my career.