Yunqi Liu
Yunqi Liu

Can you please share your pre-MBA background?

In 2016 I obtained my bachelor’s degree from the University of Edinburgh and graduated with a master’s degree from the University of Manchester in 2017.

Since then I have gained a rich experience in complex settings and a deep understanding of project management, business management, and accountancy. After graduating I started my career with my family business which is in the manufacturing industry. I therefore possess a strong understanding of the manufacturing industry and business operations as the general assistant manager.

Why did you choose HKU’s MBA programme?

I chose HKU’s MBA programme because the structure of the one year programme is unique, intensive and it presented a challenge to me. The curriculum includes courses such as executive leadership which will help me to become a good leader. I am also interested in global marketing management and the other elective courses. Another reason why I chose the MBA programme is the university’s extensive alumni network which will prove invaluable to me. The partnership programme with Columbia Business School also provides me with additional networking opportunities. On top of all that, Hong Kong is the best place for me to view the latest business activities and goings-on.

What are your expectations of getting an MBA?

My first expectation of getting an MBA is that it is an excellent opportunity to make some changes to my career path. The MBA programme will also offer me valuable guidance on bringing my managerial strength into full play to achieve my goals. I also believe that the extensive global alumni network is helpful to my future career development.

What has been your experience been so far?

I have experienced MBA life for three months. During this period I have learned a lot from different people from diverse career backgrounds. In the beginning the intensity of the program exceeded my expectations. With the help of the MBA office, I gradually adapted to this way of learning. The career development team, especially my career manager Ernest, gave me much advice that is very applicable to my future career. I appreciate their efforts to organise the career events and workshops which are very useful to improving my career path.