Yoshitaka Hosaki
Yoshitaka Hosaki
  1. Can you give a brief background to your life pre-MBA?

The main driver for me is to always step out of my comfort zone. I am currently stationed in Hong Kong where I specialise in providing financial services to corporates in East Asia by supporting their global trade. I have previously worked in Brazil, Korea and in my native country of Japan, and have always dealt with trade financing in line with the trends of the time. As China is going to be a centre of global trade, and as Hong Kong continues to be the trading hub of China, it was natural that I decide to study global and regional business here.

  1. Why did you choose the HKU MBA programme?

By doing business with clients and colleagues globally, I came to recognise the necessity of an academic approach to doing business. I saw the MBA as a way to enhance my leadership qualities, my logical thinking and my presentation skills. These skills are essential in understanding Asian and global business. Another reason why I chose to do the MBA programme with HKU is that it attracts the most superior and diligent students from all over China and Asia.

  1. What were your expectations of getting an MBA (What drives your MBA ambitions?)

My pursuit of an MBA is driven by the keenness to bring positive impacts to my current organisation and to be able to deal resourcefully with any business issues in the upcoming era of transformation.


  1. How is your experience so far?

I have been enjoying my journey in a diverse class with passionate professors from various backgrounds. We have been offered numerous opportunities to learn from fascinating classmates through in-class discussions and group projects. I believe that the learning experience delivered by the comprehensive curriculum will equip me with the desired skills and knowledge to take my career to the next level.