Vaishali Goel
Vaishali Goel

There are times in your life when you are afraid of taking a big step and doing something new. The MBA chapter of my life is one such time. Living in my home country for the last 26 years made me so comfortable that studying abroad scared me, but taking this big step in my life is something I will always be thankful for.

The programme started in Beijing, where I met my diverse group of batchmates. We had people from China, USA, Australia, UK, Mexico, Malaysia, India and many more places. Our company visits started in the first week itself. Knowing what opportunities were in store thrilled me.

After a month, we arrived in the financial hub of Hong Kong, where we started our MBA classes. Apart from our core classes, we were given a diverse range of electives to choose from. My favourite was “Marketing for Tech Intensive Industries,” by Dr. Eden – a class I’m able to re-take anytime, if i so wish. Along with experienced professors, we had the opportunity to learn from fruitful discussions with expert guest lecturers, who spoke about their own business and managerial experiences.

An MBA is not just about learning in class, though. It’s also about networking, building friendships, and so much more. We enjoyed events such as mixers with alumni, a Christmas party, Diwali party, career fairs and more. During my second semester I got the opportunity to work as a product manager intern with Hong Kong’s largest energy and utility company, CLP Holdings. Big THANKS to the networking sessions and the HKU careers team!

During my time at CLP, I worked in the digital innovation hub for a recently launched digital marketplace in Hong Kong. Coming from a technical background and having worked with Tata Consultancy Services Limited in India as a system engineer for 4 years, I knew this was the best platform for me to apply my technical skills, as well as my MBA curriculum knowledge. I collaborated with different team members to identify strategic partners, verify product fit, conduct market analysis and design product roadmaps. This perfectly aligned with my post MBA career goal, as it helped me build on my management, problem solving, analytical and people skills. I will always cherish my time at CLP, where I had the chance to meet so many different people with diverse cultures and backgrounds. Our weekly lunches where we got to know each other’s’ families and aspirations. My failed attempts to learn Cantonese, which I never felt was necessary. I enjoyed our weekly lunches where we spoke about each other’s families and I attempted to learn Cantonese.

In all, my MBA pushed me out of my comfort zone and taught me how to turn challenges into opportunities. I will always be grateful for my MBA, for giving me a fresh perspective on the business world by broadening my cultural horizons, providing me with memorable experiences with the future leaders, and last but not least, my lifelong friends.

“Focus on the journey, not the destination. Joy is not in finishing an MBA but in doing it”