Ulrica Liu
Ulrica Liu

I was born in Harbin and graduated from Dalian Maritime University. Driven by curiosity, I tried both sales and supply chain management roles in the leading international companies BYD, Accenture, and Dell  in 3 cities, Shenzhen, Dalian, and Shanghai over the past 5 years. I contributed one million US dollars in revenues within 1 year at BYD and I also fulfilled frequent unplanned demands at Dell. I appreciated these different experiences, from which I got an overall business view and the ability to react quickly in complex situations.

I have 3 reasons to pursue HKU MBA. Firstly, I have the very clear target of wanting to get a job in the business centre of  Asia – Hong Kong. The MBA is the most efficient way for me to achieve that target. Secondly, HKU’s historical brand has been long and deeply admired in Asia. I have dreamed of being part of the brand since I was young. My third reason is that I majored in Software Engineering. I hope to equip myself with a broader knowledge and gain a deeper understanding of business matters. HKU MBA courses and the 4 months exchange to LBS closely meet my requirements.

The MBA programme has been running for 2 months now. My classmates are all experienced in their sectors. Most importantly, they are very friendly and willing to share their ideas and opinions. We learn a lot from each other in the classes and case study. I believe this will be a pleasant journey and help me to realize my dreams.

Current Status

Employer: Sysco
Position:   Business Development Sourcing Manager
Location:  Hong Kong