Terrence Hui
Terrence Hui

“Making Fun Toys; Making Toys Fun” – Currently I am working as an entrepreneur for my family-owned toy business which designs, produces and distributes toys for international clients all over the world. Our enthusiasm is for delivering happiness to young children.

After receiving a computer science degree from Coventry University in the UK, I started to work as an engineer in Microsoft Hong Kong. To me, this was just the first page of my career because I knew that I would face a lot of challenges in subsequent years. With 2 years of experience in the IT industry, I realized it was time to move one step forward in my career, so I joined my family business as a sales and marketing executive at Yick Shun Toys. Changing to a new industry did not stop me from learning different skills to enrich my profile. I took courses in product design, brand management and LEAN manufacturing.

To be a good entrepreneur, financial literacy will be as important as product development. Therefore, after 12 years of solid work experience in sales & marketing, product development and manufacturing, I decided to take HKU MBA in 2015. This programme is one of the top ranking MBA courses in Asia with strong focuses on finance. This is exactly what I need to drive my business to the next level and I am sure the course will create a synergy for me with my engineering background.

The teaching methodology is both theoretical and practical, with professors and classmates proactively sharing their thoughts on case studies during the classes.  Classmates are coming from a diverse background including IT/telecom, finance, retail, energy, aviation, shipping, publication and manufacturing. You will never find a place where people are having as much fun as we are in the classroom.

Networking with HKU MBA classmates and family is always one of the best activities after the weekend class. We will share market insights across different industries and also learn how to contribute to the group projects with the best of our knowledge. All the joyful moments will be carried beyond the classroom.

Ultimately, I believe HKU MBA programme and its network will be a life-long asset for me in my career and personal development.