Teddy Song
Teddy Song

I am a qualified  CFA and member of ACCA and CICPA, having graduated with a degree in Accountancy from Jiangxi University of Finance and Economics in China. My first job was as an auditor in PricewaterhouseCoopers. After two years of auditing work experience in manufacturing, logistics and banking industries, I joined Ernst & Young as a senior risk consultant. I led the team in undertaking engagements focusing on business valuation, business process optimisation and internal audit.

Getting an MBA degree is a necessary process for me to enter banking and the financial industry. The HKU MBA is extremely attractive to me for a variety of reasons. First, HKU enjoys an enviable international reputation for its accomplishments as a research-led comprehensive university and HKU MBA programme has been ranked No. 1 in Asia by the Economist for the fifth consecutive year. Second, HKU can bring me abundant alumni resources in Asia and China and it is beneficial for my social connections in network building. Last but not least, the Asia and China focus  gives me a deeper understanding of business in these regions which are my preferred working places after the MBA programme.

The HKU MBA experience has been very rewarding so far. The Career Development Office has provided lots of workshops which are helpful for job seeking, interviews and soft skills improvement. Group working with classmates from different countries can also help improve cooperating skills with people from diverse backgrounds. I really cherish and anticipate the rest of my MBA life.

Current Status

Employer: Senior Vice President
Position:   China Huarong (Macau) International Company
Location:  Hong Kong