Tanaka Kogaku
Tanaka Kogaku

I graduated with a degree in economics from Sophia University in Tokyo. Prior to joining HKU MBA, I had been working at HSBC and Deloitte focusing on providing investment banking services (i.e. M&A advisory / capital markets etc.) for both Japanese and foreign corporates.

“Getting out of my comfort zone.” My intention in coming to the MBA is that I want to experience new things before moving on to a position where I will need to take a wider role.

HKU represents an ideal programme for me by providing  an opportunity to enjoy both western and eastern cultures by studying at Beijing, Hong Kong and New York. Furthermore, HKU is the only university which is located in Hong Kong Island where the largest financial district in Asia-Pacific is walking distance away. This merit allows me to expand my networks off-campus as well.

My classmates at HKU are a lifeline of support during the MBA experience, and I am confident that these high-powered networks / friendships will continue even after graduation.

Current Status

Employer: European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD)
Position:   Business Development Principal
Locations:  London, UK | Cairo, Egypt | Tokyo, Japan