Sushma Suresh Pant
Sushma Suresh Pant

1. Brief background pre-MBA

Coming from the beautiful country of India, I never thought an MBA would be in my future. So, I fought for a seat in an undergraduate degree in Engineering, one of the most sought-after courses for undergraduates in India. I graduated in 2016 with a degree in Electronics and Communication Engineering. I had the amazing opportunity to work at Product Design start-up i2r Design, and one of the biggest telecom companies Ericsson Global, where I trained under hard-working and determined managers, and had the opportunity to lead a team soon after joining.
The amount of work that goes into leading a team of people, no matter the size, is significant, and it gave me a sense of responsibility not just to myself, but to my managers, teammates, clients, and the company overall, as we represent them.

2. Why you chose HKU MBA and What your expectations are of getting an MBA

Studying in one of the major “hubs” of the world is a dream come true. What brought me to Hong Kong was the diverse culture and its dominant position in the Asian market. Its reputation for finance, culture, dim sum, magnificent skyline and the ability to reach any part of the island in a matter of minutes via its extensive MTR lines, made it my ideal choice to pursue MBA here.

Through the course of this MBA I have interacted with my classmates, who come from 19 different nations and speak multiple tongues, whilst all sharing the same passion and drive to achieve the best education from one the top universities in Asia. I hope to meet a lot more industry leaders, connect with people through CDT events, students, get-togethers, mentorship programmes, and gain a ton of experience and knowledge from them.

3. How is your experience so far?

HKU not only has coursework, but also a number of student clubs such as Entrepreneurship Club, Women in Leadership Club, Cultural Club and Marketing Club. I am proud to be leading the Entrepreneurship Club. EC has given me the confidence and drive to imbibe the work ethics of industry leaders of the world who start from the bottom and make their way to the top. It has allowed me to expand my network and interact with other club members in order to organise talks, debates, discussions and industry visits.

The MBA class mix is rich with people from the media, engineering, finance, law, the arts, and many more, which forces us to have engaging and intellectually challenging classroom discussions, and to think outside the box every day.

I am so looking forward to continuing this transformative journey as I go onto the CBS track next year, where I hope to share in new experiences with more exciting opportunities.