Steven Chen
Steven Chen

After obtaining a bachelor degree in International Business Management at the University of Nottingham Ningbo China, I joined Hang Seng Bank as a management trainee in the corporate banking stream. After a two-year trainee programme, I was placed as a relationship manager to manage a large credit portfolio of multinational enterprises and local leading firms in real estate, hotel, luxury retailing, garment & textile, auto parts manufacturing and commodity trading industries, focusing on the business of loans, deposits, international trade financing, cross-border financing arrangements and global markets.

During the trainee programme, I rotated through four different cities within two years. Despite the intensity of the work, the four-month rotation in Hong Kong was probably the best experience I have ever had in my life. Additionally, I was deeply impressed by its glory as the leading financial center of the world. Hong Kong is definitely my first choice of destination to pursue MBA.

HKU appeals to me as the most prestigious MBA programme for a variety of reasons. First, the small class size with diverse backgrounds and nationalities is quite attractive to individuals like me who are aspiring to pursue future careers in multinational firms. HKU MBA provides a unique platform that enables students with different perspectives to have a deeper communication and interaction amongst each other. Second, HKU MBA’s academic philosophy focusing on the Asia market is a perfect match with my ambition. As a Chinese candidate with four years’ experience in the banking industry, I can equip myself with insightful knowledge of the Asia market from a global perspective. Finally, I am extremely thrilled by the partnership with LBS, which is of additional value to me because I can explore the business environment in London as well as extend my global network.

The HKU MBA programme so far has been enriching. I love the way different people from different backgrounds, nationalities and perspectives try to work together. I enjoy the arrangements involving not only the rigorous academic knowledge but also various career development activities like executive talks, soft skill workshops and company visits. I am always inspired by the slogan from Day 1 of Orientation; ‘HKU SUCCESS’. I hope one day I can demonstrate choosing HKU MBA is choosing success.

Current Status

Employer: Hang Seng​ Bank
Position:   Strategic and Planning Manager​
Location:  Shanghai, Mainland China