Shouvik Sinharay
Shouvik Sinharay

The business world is reinventing itself, reading every economic symptom it receives. To stay abreast of these changes and to obtain a sound understanding of business fundamentals, it was imperative that I learnt the intricacies of business management practiced in an emerging economy such as China. To achieve a holistic viewpoint, I sought a learning environment that would provide commensurate international exposure.

At Tata Motors, India’s largest automobile manufacturer, I gained a diversity of  experience in the fields of product engineering and product strategizing. I led the Vehicle Integration team of a new generation product and was involved in the development of the vehicle, both for the Indian and the international markets. I worked across all the four verticals of designing, proto-type planning and manufacturing, validation and vehicle production. This exposure gave me ample opportunities to strategize and coordinate the events that surrounded vehicle manufacturing and to imbibe a basic understanding of the economics involved in the efficient administration of a project.

My goal in the short term is to join the Strategic Business Planning function of one of the leading automobile manufacturers where I can garner 360-degree perspectives on the management of an organization and be efficient in overcoming obstacles to meet its major challenges.

The case-based approach to learning, the gaining of perspectives through frequent interactions with pioneers of the business world, the guidance of a supportive and distinguished faculty, the ability to hone my skills and the opportunity to learn about different economies through partner schools such as the London Business School and the Columbia Business School are some of the major reasons for pursuing my MBA at the University of Hong Kong.

Thus far at HKU, the experience has been inspiring and exciting. The Chinese Immersion Programme was indeed a very fruitful experience as it not only gave me an opportunity to learn Mandarin and appreciate the rich cultural heritage of China but also gave me an opportunity to learn more about my class mates. With close to 2 months completed, the learning experience so far has been extremely enjoyable and I now eagerly look forward to the rest of the year.

Current Status

Employer: ExxonMobil
Position:   Manager – Butyl Sales
Location:  Mumbai, India