Reynald Reni
Reynald Reni

I have 8 years of professional experience in supply chain finance, enterprise resource planning (ERP), business strategy, data analytics and driving digital initiatives. My career has given me the opportunity to work with cross-functional teams around the world. I am keenly focused on leveraging technologies and business expertise to solve complex business problems and to be part of innovative business solutions.

I chose the HKU MBA programme because it is very well ranked and positioned well in Asia and around the globe. The HKU Business School is in the heart of the city and provides access to endless dynamic business opportunity and networks. The backbone of the programme is based on experiential learning and is heavily based on case-studies and data analysis. It is a collegiate and supportive environment where people share experiences and learn from one another. The MBA is also the perfect place to enrich leadership potential and to prove skills that are essential to manage your career progression effectively. The HKU MBA alumni networks are very powerful if you are looking for career options that have a focus in Asia.

I expect to enhance my leadership capabilities and to be future-ready for the challenges that may lay ahead. Also, with Hong Kong being a regional hub in Asia, I expect the professional networks to be key for my future career growth, unlocking potential career options across Asia and the rest of the world. I am also keen to understand more about how people and the planet are essential parts to any business solutioning, and how to create measurable outcomes in any scenario that involves complex analysis with multiple constraints and considerations.

My experience has so far been transformational. The MBA Journey has added dimensions to how I understand, analyse and add context to problem solving, creating solutions that are more sustainable in the long-term. I have also learned how essential it is to base business decision not only on data but also with a greater emphasis on values, enabling strategic business growth and sustainability. The curriculum is well structured and organised to enable a growth mindset as a foundation in addition to IQ (intelligence quotient), CQ (cultural quotient), EQ (emotional quotient) and RQ (relationship quotient). This helps to provide a competitive advantage during a challenging career.

The Business School also offers multiple touch points with professionals who have diverse characteristics that will equip me to take better decisions in my career progression and the executive career coaching sessions (with industry experts) are very insightful. All of this adds fuel to decision making, especially for individuals like me who are focused on a career change. These sessions are non-judgmental and are psychologically safe environments in which to have candid conversations on career aspirations and to gauge blind-spots before taking on a more challenging role.

The Career Development Team is proactive in engaging and ensuring ample opportunities for me to explore my areas of interest. The team also organizes several ‘Learning & Development’ sessions to ensure the cohort is well prepared for the challenges ahead. The MBA’s student clubs are career enriching experiences that occur outside of class. It is the perfect platform for networking and for peer-to-peer learning.