Patrick Chung
Patrick Chung

I received my first Bachelor’s degree from Carleton University in Canada in 1994. After graduation, I returned to Hong Kong and worked in several sizable shipping and transport companies in various positions for the next 17 years. The longer I worked in the logistics industry, the more experience I gained and the higher the level of positions I reached. In 2002, I joined a Japanese global logistics company called Hankyu Hanshin, and was promoted to sales manager in 2008. I currently supervise a team of 20, and my main duties are to implement sales strategies and motivate members of the sales team to increase business revenue and profitability.

Two years after my promotion, I was honoured to be named Manager of the Year 2010, the highest honour the company awards.

Although I have performed outstandingly for the company, I realised that it was crucial to further strengthen my management skills to climb further up the career ladder. Therefore, I decided to pursue an MBA at HKU. I chose the HKU MBA because of its great reputation. I am in no doubt that the programmes offered by such a well-reputed university must be of high quality.

Since joining the HKU MBA programme this year, I have encountered many new faces in my classes, many of them professionals in such industries as banking, finance and IT. To date, I have completed three of the required courses: Accounting for Business Decisions, Business Communication and Leadership.

All of these classes involve numerous case studies and group discussions that invest students with better insights. I personally feel that these courses have benefited me enormously, giving me a better understanding of accounting statements and better communication/negotiation and leadership skills, all of which are closely related to my sales duties and will definitely help me achieve higher revenues and greater profitability for my company through better business decisions. Last but not least, I really enjoy the studying atmosphere. My classmates and the programme alumni are like family members who are always willing to offer support in all aspects of study and work.