Nirav Gala
Nirav Gala

I am a CFA charterholder, lawyer and a company secretary by qualification, an investment banker by profession and a problem solver by passion.

I have work experience of more than 6 years in investment banking, valuations, M&A, due diligence, compliance management and corporate advisory. I was previously working in a leadership position with Pantomath Capital Advisors, a Mumbai based investment banking firm specialising in IPOs for small and medium enterprises. It has been one of the leading I-banks in the SME space for the past 2 years.

In my career trajectory, I have donned different hats and thus acquired varied skills. I have also played a significant role in transforming an organization’s culture and image. I can successfully accomplish work that I have had no experience in. I easily adapt to different work cultures, as I have, working in conservative as well as progressive organizations. Yet, for me to progress towards my goals, I need to add a few missing ingredients for success. I need to enhance my understanding of business, garner networking opportunities, groom myself, and build the confidence to aggressively pursue my goals. A reputed business school like HKU MBA is the platform I need to acquire this learning.

The HKU MBA provides me with the environment conducive to learning, exploring, and developing myself. The programme is recognized around the globe, which vouches for its academic quality. The 14-month format suits me well as I perform best in a fast-paced, stimulating environment. The curriculum will offer me a holistic understanding of all facets of business, while experiential learning components, such as the case based approach, will help me see management learning in a practical perspective. Through the London track with London Business School, I will gain great exposure to a global business environment. The diversified class, the  learning and the interaction with such a student body will help me expand my personal horizons.

It has been a wonderful experience knowing and interacting with my batch mates from across the globe, in Beijing, during the China Immersion Programme.  I enjoyed every bit of it. One month in Beijing has taught me a lot about people of various countries, taught me how to interact with people whose language you do not understand and how to survive in a foreign country.

The Career Services team has organised many productive workshops which have helped me to reflect upon myself and helped me discover my true self. The workshops have helped me to polish my soft skills which are as important as academic ones for success in business and life.

I am sure that my 14 months at HKU will  enrich my knowledge about various subjects and transform me as a person. And I do eagerly look forward to it.

Current Status

Employer: Finfabrik
Position:   Tokenisation Advisory Lead
Location:  Hong Kong