Narumi Hashimoto
Narumi Hashimoto

After I got a master’s degree in political science from Waseda University, I worked at ABeam Consulting and PwC as a business consultant. At these firms, I organized the global standardization of business processes and designed new management accounting methods for Japanese companies.

I decided to pursue an MBA because I needed Asian business knowledge to pursue my career goal. Now, Japanese companies are acquiring a lot of foreign companies, especially Asian companies, to overcome the recession and expand their businesses. But it takes a few years to integrate their business operations because they do not have enough knowledge about foreign approaches. I wanted to boost post-merger integration to help my client grow, so I had to learn Asian business at an MBA programme.

HKU is the perfect place to study it. The programme is provided not only in Hong Kong, but also in the mainland.  Case based approaches created by Asia Case Research Centre focus on Asia. In addition, the class size is small and students come from all over the world. These advantages allow me to experience and learn Asian business.

My days in HKU are more challenging than expected because the MBA programme is an intensive 14-month programme and students are strongly urged to be active. For example, the China Immersion Programme enables students to understand Chinese culture and the business environment, but it is conducted for only one month. However, thanks to such a rigorous approach, I strongly believe I will cultivate a comprehensive Asian knowledge and become a business leader in Asia.

Current Status

Employer: Mitsubishi Corporation
Position:   IT Solution Consultant
Location:  Tokyo, Japan