Naomi Komatsu
Naomi Komatsu

My goal in pursuing an MBA is to develop academic knowledge and acquire a fully international experience in support of my future career development.

Before starting the MBA programme, I obtained more than five years of experience in the sales and marketing division of a financial information vendor in Japan. During my career, I realised that developing strategic abilities, improving my problem-solving skills and brushing up my teamwork competency would be essential if I was to fulfil my future objectives.

I visited Hong Kong before applying to the HKU MBA programme, and I really enjoyed this energetic city. As I wanted an intensive MBA programme with a relatively small class size but a diverse student body, HKU was naturally my school of choice.

I believe the HKU programme to be unique. The China Immersion programme provides opportunities to learn a new language, visit various companies and enjoy a range of cultural activities. The fact that all students have a chance to study at LBS/CBS or in Fudan is also appealing. I am excited about cultivating new knowledge and building friendships with the diverse classmates I will be studying with!

Employer:    ESG Research Center, QUICK Corp.
Position:      Analyst
Location:     Tokyo