Nana Yamakawa
Nana Yamakawa

I joined the HKU MBA 2022 cohort after a career journey that is both unique and inspiring.

I am a proud housewife, a mother of two adorable kids and an experienced entrepreneur. I am passionate about how technology can help transform the lives of people and have founded two companies in Japan that cater for local and international clientele. The first company I formed specialised in real estate for expats because I wanted to help people, and to empower them, by making the process of buying and renting property in Japan simpler.

I developed my second app during the covid pandemic. This app allowed people to order and pay for takeout food in my hometown, ensuring customers were able to access food safely while also helping to keep local restaurants stay afloat despite the restrictions and lockdowns.

Hong Kong is a great working environment for women who want to focus on their careers, and the university’s comprehensive curriculum has many programmes that promote and support entrepreneurship. Networking is the most important aspect of doing business in Hong Kong and HKU provides a plethora of opportunities to network with CEOs, startup founders and like-minded entrepreneurs.

Many of Hong Kong’s most prominent business leaders, such as Mr. Ricky Wong, chairman of HKTV mall, and Professor Philip Chen, chairman of Hong Kong Jockey Club, provide electives where they share valuable insights, perspectives and experiences of building successful businesses. We also  have a career leadership series arranged by our Career Development Team which includes guest speakers from all over the world. I have had the opportunity to meet many company founders from different fields and to learn from their experiences and perspectives. They share insights on the latest technologies (such as artificial intelligence, big data and Fintech) which has piqued my curiosity and has inspired me to think about new business ideas.

I have been an MBA student for a few months now and this has made me realise how homogeneous Japan is. At HKU we have a diverse cohort with students from Peru, Czech Republic, Lithuania, India, China, Japan, and Pakistan. My classmates are not only quick-witted, intelligent and kind, but they also enrich the entire learning experience through their unique perspectives, backgrounds and cultures.

Our diverse cohort is small, yet the bonds that we have formed with each other are very strong. I believe that the diverse environment has allowed me to engage in friendly competition which is helping me to develop my personality and skills.

The MBA experience is one that I will treasure for the rest of my life.