Molly Scott
Molly Scott

Prior to HKU, I worked in the FinTech industry in both Canada and in Hong Kong.  I enjoy the startup culture as it promotes a community that thrives on versatility and personal growth.

1. Why did you choose to do your MBA at HKU? Is it what you expected?

It appeals to me to learn in a city rich with international business; I have enjoyed building a network in Hong Kong and globally.  After speaking with alumni, my decision was made!  These former students all emphasised both the feeling of fellowship with their cohort and the many opportunities offered to them within the MBA program. I was looking for a program that would challenge me and stretch my mind in different ways. It is important to me to build on my work experience by exploring different facets of business to ready myself for my next career opportunity.

2. Did you find the learning environment at HKU to be supportive of female students?

One of the amazing aspects of the HKU MBA program is its diversity. The class consists of students from 19 different countries all with varied and fascinating industry backgrounds.

Over 50% of my cohort are women which is an anomaly for MBA programs globally. It excites me to learn from the other women in my class. We openly talk about challenges that women face in the workplaces, and share our lessons and plans to overcome these challenges in the future. I am eager to watch them as leaders of business in all corners of the world!

3. How would you say the programme has equipped you to become a leader in your industry?

This programme is giving me the tools to become a leader in my chosen industry.  Classes in both Executive Leadership and Business Ethics are particularly focused on developing important leadership qualities. However, it is the leadership experience gained through the collaboration of group work that puts these course learnings into practice. Within groups, we work cross-culturally and we learn from each other’s strengths. These conversations within our own cohort community is what will equip and enable me to become a leader in my chosen industry.