Miffy Yang
Miffy Yang

What was your background prior to joining the HKU MBA programme?
I have been developing my career path in Hong Kong’s financial industry for a long time before starting my MBA journey. Working in institutional sales, I have developed a deep knowledge of the asset management and banking industries and have clients from diverse cultural backgrounds. I am now working as an executive director at ICBC Asset Management (Global) Company Limited in a business development role.

Why did you choose HKU MBA?
After working in the financial industry for many years, I decided to pursue an MBA to better prepare myself for more career opportunities ahead and to master the fundamental skills of becoming a business leader. After much research, I chose the HKU MBA programme as my first choice because of its renowned international academic reputation and strong MBA programme ranking. The programme is made up of students from various countries and it is an excellent opportunity to learn from people from different backgrounds which will help to broaden my horizons.

What are your expectations of studying for an MBA?
I believe the HKU MBA programme will deepen my insight into the different aspects of the financial sector and will equip me to build up a foundation for future management. I would like to express my gratitude to the people I have met from various cultural and vocational backgrounds. The course meets my expectation when it comes to the expansion of my social network.

How is your experience so far?
I have really enjoyed my MBA journey thus far and cannot believe I have already completed five modules. Despite all the courses having to be conducted online due to covid-19 we actively interact with the professors, and it has been a great experience. We have been exposed to a comprehensive curriculum, starting with the high performing teams which play a fundamental role in the MBA programme.
I appreciate that all the professors I have met during the HKU MBA programme are professional and passionate in their specialised areas and are helping to connect academia with the finance industry.