Marco Caruso
Marco Caruso

What was your background prior to joining the HKU MBA programme?
Prior to joining the MBA programme I studied in Italy (for both a bachelor’s and master’s degree) and France (for a master’s degree and an advanced master’s degree). My studies have been in finance, banking, and economics and I was working for HSBC when I enrolled in the MBA programme.

Why did you choose HKU MBA?
I choose this MBA programme because wanted to improve and boost my career and to expand my network and connections. I questioned whether I should enrol during the pandemic but decided to go ahead after speaking with friends and professionals about it.

What are your expectations of studying for an MBA?
I think the MBA will allow me to make some connections inside and outside the professional world. I believe that sharing a classroom with people who come from different backgrounds will allow me to widen my knowledge across different sectors.

How is your experience so far?
The experience has been very enriching and insightful thanks to my classmates, well-prepared professors and expert lecturers.