Ma Pia Deveza
Ma Pia Deveza

I received a BA in Economics and a BS in Management from De La Salle University in Manila, but even before university, I had long wanted to work for a bank. Hence, after graduation, I joined HSBC Philippines, where I nurtured my career for almost 10 years, moving up the ranks to reach my final position as AVP HTS Finance. In 2007, I was responsible for a major organisational change in the bank’s Operations Division, and I also implemented shared services organisation methodology for the HSBC Technology and Services Department. In the process, I became a subject matter expert in the Philippines. This methodology was initially adopted in the Information Technology Department before being expanded division-wide to encompass the Service Delivery, Administration and Change Delivery Departments in 2010. This constitutes my biggest contribution to the company.

After 10 years with HSBC, I decided that I wanted to broaden my horizons and gain international exposure through further education. I believe that an MBA is a significant instrument that will prepare me to achieve my goal of becoming a top executive in a distinguished company. Accordingly, I joined the MBA programme at HKU. I chose HKU for four reasons: focus, mobility, diversity and timeframe. First, I wanted to join an Asia-centric programme because it will help me to learn more about the Asian way of doing business, which will help me to contribute to growing the Philippines’ business sector. Second, the three-track programme is highly dynamic and will help me to achieve my goal of learning more about various countries. The month in Beijing was amazing, providing a close-up, deep experience of China. My first three weeks in Hong Kong have also been intense and fulfilling. From initially considering Hong Kong simply a shopping destination, I now feel that I am opening myself up to career opportunities here. Of course, I also can’t wait to join the Columbia Business School next year, where I will be able to experience yet another perspective. HKU’s MBA programme thus leverages the best of both Eastern and Western education. Third, I am happy about the diversity of our batch. The more diverse the group, the greater the opportunity to learn about different cultures. Finally, the timeframe is perfect for me. It is fast-paced and intense, which is very practical in these uncertain financial times.

Employer:    HSBC
Position:      Business Planning Manager
Location:     Hong Kong