Laurence Wong
Laurence Wong

The HKU MBA was an experience like no other and I would not trade it for anything in the world. It brought me friendships that will stand the test of time, a new perspective on life and a renewed focus on a rewarding and exciting career. These things were all made possible through the programme’s structure, especially with the month-long pre-MBA Beijing experience, as well as the mandatory exchange to London, New York or Shanghai. Being surrounded by and having the chance to take leadership roles among so many talented and intelligent people really challenged me and expanded my capabilities. More important than the actual in-class learning, however, was the development of soft skills that the MBA environment fosters. In no particular order, I drastically improved in leadership, negotiating, prioritising, organising, networking and communicating, to list just a few. This is probably one of the leading reasons for the promising job prospects I had before graduation.

The MBA helped me to transition my career from an operational/sales and marketing role in the stagnant printing and publishing industry to a new and exciting career in analysis and strategy for brand acquisition in the dynamic fashion retail industry. While the knowledge I gained in the classroom does help me in my job, the international exposure I received in Beijing, London and other parts of Europe is also proving to be invaluable, as a large part of my current job involves acquiring and signing deals with European and North American fashion brands to help them establish retail operations in China. While the MBA was just the first step to “getting my foot in the door”, the life-long friendships gained also come in handy. Everyone invariably goes in different directions after graduating with an MBA, so there is an extensive network of knowledge that is very accessible. There is no doubt in my mind that the HKU MBA programme provided me with the opportunity to live up to my full potential.

Current Status

Employer: Li & Fung Limited
Position:   General Manager​
Location:  Hong Kong