Lasse Hoexter
Lasse Hoexter

I would describe myself as an ultra-resilient optimist with a curious mind.

I’m from Oldenburg, Germany and graduated from IU International University of Applied Sciences with a degree in business administration. Since then, I have gone on to become the Division Manager IT & Organisation at REWE Far East Ltd. I would say my biggest career accomplishment to date is successfully co-managing a sourcing office in Bangladesh. It was not an easy task and it’s something I’m extremely proud of.

When I applied to the MBA programme I was in the 11th year of my professional career. While my work has been rich in variety and never short of excitement, I was seeking a challenge outside of my work environment. Besides that, over time we get set in our ways and risk becoming narrow-minded – I was determined to not let that happen. Exposing myself to an MBA programme where I would collaborate with (young) leaders of different industries seemed like the ideal way to challenge my approach to thinking and problem-solving.

Broadly speaking, I believe studying for an MBA will provide me with a rich and diverse learning experience that will force me out of my comfort zone and confront me with a plethora of current business issues. More specifically, I aim to deepen my knowledge with respect to business technology and learn how to best communicate its benefits to stakeholders. I hope to become a professional not only in data mining and preparation, but more importantly in its analysis. I will utilise these and other skills when formulating strategic options and make strategic decisions which will help me become a data-driven leader.

With respect to my future self, completing the Part-time MBA Programme at HKU Business School will ensure that I am a leader whose decisions are rooted in objective, data-driven analytics; a leader who embraces new ideas & technology, and who understands the unique challenges and opportunities of intercultural teams.