Kristy Wong
Kristy Wong

I’m a highly committed and responsible Hong Kong-born and raised professional with more than eleven years in accounting.

After being promoted to assurance manager in a Big Four accounting firm in Hong Kong in 2016, I decided to challenge myself with a two-year secondment at the firm’s Sydney office, participating in their Global Mobility programme. Between 2017 and 2019, I provided audit and assurance services to clients from multinational groups, as well as Australian listed and private companies. This provided me with the opportunity to build a strong relationship with multinational clients and team members and to have a better understanding of the needs of those with diverse cultural backgrounds. The skills and knowledge I gained from working in the Sydney office were extremely valuable as it facilitated my work in assurance and extended my network.

Upon completion of my secondment, I was promoted to senior manager in the firm’s Hong Kong office. I felt grateful that my hard work was recognised. I was assigned a new client portfolio in Hong Kong, where I also managed recurring audits. I acted as a trustworthy advisor to my clients and advised them on the impact of capital market transactions, international accounting principles, reporting standards, and regulatory requirements. I was able to deliver services – such as the acquisition project of a new listed client – to my clients under tight timeframes and meet requirements set by the regulatory authorities.

Having received a Bachelor of Business Administration degree, worked in Big Four accounting firms and obtained several business-related professional qualifications (Certified Public Accountant, Chartered Secretary and Chartered Governance Professional, to name a few), I plan to leverage this prior work experience and professional expertise to become a chief financial officer of a multinational group in the near future.

Pursuing an MBA degree at this prestigious university enables me to build strong business networks with other professionals in the business field and equip myself with the latest business practices. Such connections not only become a catalyst for the development of better and more innovative business solutions, but also facilitate future collaborations between businesses. This also provides me with an opportunity to meet different business professionals of various ethnical backgrounds. These connections and relationships will last for a lifetime.

Having an understanding of diverse cultural norms and practices will be beneficial for my company in expanding the business with better products which cater for the needs of clients worldwide. Apart from building a strong business network, the courses on new concepts (such as digital marketing and artificial intelligence impact on business) will help me incorporate these elements in my work.

I strongly believe that this Part-time MBA Programme will be a great designation to pursue and lead to a successful career trajectory. I hope to meet more people from different backgrounds, spark great ideas, and do exciting things together during my time at HKU Business School.