Khoon Li Ong
Khoon Li Ong

I graduated with a degree in Accountancy from the Nanyang Technological University in Singapore. In my last career, I worked with a multinational bank as a compliance professional. I led the training programme within my team and successfully implemented several key compliance policies across the Asia Pacific region. The part I enjoyed most was the opportunity to partner with colleagues and interact with employees across Asia Pacific and in the process, building strong cross-cultural experience.

Completing an MBA is a personal goal and I view it as a necessary continuation of my career progression.  The HKU MBA was extremely attractive to me for a variety of reasons. First, the school and curriculum have a strong focus on Asia especially China. In our current economic climate, this is a very strategic focus. I hope to be equipped with the right knowledge and mindset through the various case studies that are largely focused on Asia businesses and companies. Second, the HKU MBA has a partnership with excellent institutions where students have the opportunity to study and live in major financial cities of the world – London, New York or Shanghai. I certainly believe that this combines the best of East and West and allows all students a huge advantage in building soft skills, exposure and access to a global network. Last but not least, the full-time HKU MBA is 14 months long, which is attractive to individuals like me who wish to learn as quickly as we reasonably can and reduce our time-cost by getting back to work.

The HKU MBA experience has been very rewarding so far. In class, though we all come from diverse backgrounds, we are not shy of sharing our experiences and analysis during case discussions. Outside of class, there are numerous events like networking, company visits and club activities already organised or in the pipeline. It is certainly a very exciting and intense ride from day 1!

Current Status

Employer: Tier 1 investment bank
Position:   Compliance Manager
Location:  Hong Kong