Kazuaki Yamamoto
Kazuaki Yamamoto

I graduated from the University of Tokyo with a law degree in 2008 before joining one of the largest banks in Japan where I was in charge of FX trading for 3 years and FX option structuring for 6 years. I learned much about the global markets and enjoyed selling and trading FX.

After surviving market volatility (such as the Bank of Japan’s quantitative easing and Brexit), I wanted to expand my career within the finance industry so I decided to join the MBA programme. Hong Kong was very attractive to me because it is a major financial hub in Asia. The University of Hong Kong is also the most prestigious university in the city and has a very strong focus in finance, and an extensive alumni network. In short, I fully agree with HKU MBA’s motto which is “Learn business where business is”.

I believe that the MBA programme will develop me into a global leader through studying both hard and soft skills and communicating with classmates, professors, the career development and training team members, and MBA office staff. There is a strong diversity of backgrounds in this programme.

I am very excited to learn the practical curriculum both inside and outside the classroom. In terms of inside the classroom, I have found “Business Ethics” to be the most impressive. It has helped me to obtain an ethical mindset and is definitely necessary in helping me to lead an organisation in the future. I have also found the Chinese tea workshop most interesting.

I believe that I am able to rethink Japanese culture through learning and understanding Chinese culture.