Karan Choskey
Karan Choskey

After five years of wealth management experience in India, I joined the HKU MBA programme with the aspiration of pursuing a career in private banking at an international level. I have always been an extrovert, tracked the markets as a hobby and like most private bankers, loved interacting and meeting new people to get their perspective on various topics. The first step to entering the international private banking space for me was to know as many people as possible, which is precisely what HKU gave me.

I chose the HKU MBA first because Hong Kong is not only the main hub for financial services in Asia, but also one of the main markets for non-resident Indian (NRI) private banking. The programme itself boasted full-time and visiting professors with vast experience. I also had the opportunity to gain priceless exposure to the London Business School, interacting with a highly responsive alumni base.

Networking events organised by the programme were all held in Hong Kong’s Central district, where I met many business owners, bankers and affluent people in the industries. This platform for interaction with the who’s who of Hong Kong is something I believe no other programme could provide.

I am now a part of BNP Paribas on their NRI Desk, Private Banking and living the dream I dreamt back in 2006.

Current Status

Employer: BNP Paribas Private Bank
Position:   Vice President
Location:  Hong Kong