Jose Manuel Rodriguez Moreno
Jose Manuel Rodriguez Moreno

As for my profile, I trusted in two things; the international experience I had, which I knew could contribute to the class, and the drive and passion that characterise my dreams. I was confident these aspects would draw attention and make my profile stand out.

Eleven years before, I studied industrial engineering, focusing on process development and optimisation. During my studies, I was fortunate to be given various opportunities to study and do internships abroad. Within that period, I lived, studied, and worked in Brazil and France. These opportunities gave me a multi-cultural understanding of both social and working environments.

With a combination of my engineering studies and global experience, I got a position as Project Manager in a company called Grundfos – a pump manufacturer. I was privileged, as management allowed me to rotate a year in Denmark and six months in China. Not only did the experience fuel the curiosity to understand and live along with different cultures but it also created a special affection for Asia, which in turn led me to the decision to pursue the MBA in Asia.

After three years of working at Grundfos, I decided to start a new project, and my father, a neurologist, had a plan in mind. Alongside other healthcare specialists, we started a project that enables and empowers older people to live a more independent life. I had the fortune to run and manage the company for the first two years of its operations and that opportunity taught me about leadership and perseverance. However, the start-up made me realise that I needed more preparation and to expand my business knowledge. The company is now three years old and still actively providing new opportunities to the senior generation.

I chose to study at the HKU because it is a reputable and prestigious university, located strategically in Asia. Hong Kong, known as the world’s corridor into Asia, would give me opportunities to understand the culture and business environment. Furthermore, at HKU, I am able to learn from the diverse background of my cohorts. Now, months into the experience, I feel even more grateful to have been admitted into this programme.

Throughout the programme, I have had the opportunity to learn from fascinating professors with extensive experience and various backgrounds. They have participated in compelling projects, their experiences from which supplement my journey as an entrepreneur. Some of my favourite classes in this programme have been Business Ethics, Artificial Intelligence for Business Leaders, and Business Lab.

For Business Lab, we were assigned to create a project or a company from inception. Pedro Eloy, our professor, invited experts from various industries to share their experience in the challenges and procedures that an entrepreneur would encounter. The class ended with a final pitch where, through a series of projects and a lot of hard work, we presented a company that we had created. I had the luck to be part of a team with experienced and well prepared people. Through our constant collaboration in project Aqua de Vida, we won four out of five awards for our project.