Jimmy Shao
Jimmy Shao

I was born and raised in mainland China, and moved to Canada when I was 12. Because of my childhood interest in marine biology, I decided to pursue a degree in biotech and genetics at the University of British Columba. During the final two years of university, I had the opportunity to start up two companies, one that offered a household painting service and the other in the education sector. After successfully managing both companies, I decided to finish my degree and, further, to enrol in a CFA programme. Later, after four years working in a mutual fund company as an investment specialist and portfolio analyst, I decided to further extend my career path towards portfolio management, with a focus on emerging markets, owing to the rapid growth rate of Asian economies.

I have just started the MBA programme at HKU, and I am having the time of my life. I am actively learning subjects that are of the greatest interest to me, and I am learning with a group of peers who represent the brightest and most diverse the world has to offer.

Employer:    Citi
Position:      Management Associate
Location:     Hong Kong