Hyuseon Shin
Hyuseon Shin

My career goal is to become the CEO of a quality consulting firm specialising in the diagnosis and establishment of company quality systems and the training of systems operating technology. In particular, I seek to help to improve the quality and competitiveness of IT-oriented manufacturers and small-/medium-sized companies in China and other developing countries in Asia.

To realise my dream, I need an understanding of technology and business skills. Fortunately, I have been able to obtain some technical knowledge from my studies and work. I studied electronic engineering at Yonsei University in Korea and worked for Samsung Electronics for more than five years. At the company, I analysed statistical data from mass production, developed quality systems and dealt with customer audits.

However, I still need to develop my business skills because I have not yet had the chance to acquire them. I hope that the skills obtained from the HKU MBA will help me to realise my dreams.

Current Status

Employer: LG
Position:   Consultant
Location:  Korea