Gauri Dehadrai Jaisingh
Gauri Dehadrai Jaisingh

Having spent the majority of my working life in the dynamic media marketing industry in London, the next logical move for me was to experience Asia, and the logical choice then became Hong Kong. Hong Kong is a world city in every sense of the word, and I feel privileged to have worked here in one of the largest B2B media companies in the world. My educational background in sociology and media marketing have stood me in good stead, but I realised that to get to the next level in my career and personal development it would be necessary to pursue a world-class MBA, and HKU was my first choice. Not only does it rank No. 1 in Asia, but its geographical advantage in both the region and the city of Hong Kong puts it right on the nerve centre of where the action is!

Current Status

Employer: Ernst & Young
Position:   Global Assurance Asia-Pacific Brand and Marketing Leader
Location:  Singapore