Frederick Wong
Frederick Wong

An MBA is a significant investment. It is a powerful engine of career development for people like me without formal business training but with a couple of years of work experience. The HKU MBA is the ideal programme for those in the business elite who are interested in Asia, China in particular, but at the same time want more international exposure. The programme gathers young executives from all over the world with a diversity of industry and cultural backgrounds to be taught by top professors from different fields of studies.

Company visits in Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Singapore, and consulting projects in Asia and Europe, in addition to London, New York and Shanghai tracks, gave us both regional and international exposure, providing the environment to network and study with global executives.

The HKU MBA proved to be a watershed in my life. It brought me to a professional level with a wide spectrum of possibilities and opened doors to exciting and challenging internships, with full time job opportunities in globally renowned companies such as Coca-Cola, LVMH, ExxonMobil, InterContinental Hotel Group, Microsoft, etc. I experimented with my newly acquired knowledge in internships with ExxonMobil and the InterContinental Hotel Group, which further polished my skill set and enriched my experience. My current career with the Jebsen Group is one that I had never dared imagine – working with top management on M&A initiatives and strategic development. The HKU MBA provided me with all-round training, lifting me to an entirely new level.

I’m currently working in Corporate Development and Real Estate Investments which is a headquarter function in Jebsen Group. I’m leading land acquisition in both first hand and second hand markets in mainland China, and manage real estate development and construction projects, namely Porsche 4S centres.

Jebsen Group has 6 business lines which are Motors, Beverages, Consumer Products, Industrial, Logistics and Jebsen Capital. We focus on Greater China markets.